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Welcome to this information protal to information about Edinburgh, Kilts and much more…

This full packed site will grow with information month on month so keep your eye open for the next article. Tips, facts, historic information and more all in one place. What tartan is for where and by whome with images and lots of information. If you have anything you want to add to the site please feel free to send in your information and we will post it (as long as its good :-))

You will find articles about kilts and there history, why? Because its fascinating and as you have landed on this website you must also have some form of love for them. Buying a kilt can be an emotional even with connections back to great great ancestors. We love the journey people take when exploring this, its fascinating.

Newbies tring to put on their first kilt can be funny, and even better an Englishman trying to put one on, I know as I am English. That does not hold me back though for the love of the kilt.

From the Scottish Borders to the highlands, the tradition of kilts streams through. It even stretches accoss the sees to families that have moved on generations ago. The connections and history can all be found from a simple family tartan search! If you are looking for a great company to order from try scotire.com.

So why Edinburgh and not say Aberdeen? Well I love Edinburgh and after all its the capital! I have spent a lot of time in most Scottish Cities but I am always drawn back to Edinburgh, there is just something about it. From the castle to the featavals and more. Also if you need help online with anything you can contact SEOCompanyEdinburgh.co.uk .