About Edinburgh Kilt Company

My name is J and I found this domain while browsing the net one day. I had to buy it as I live very close to Edinburgh and thought it was a gem. So what was I to do with it?

I decided to give the site what it needed, which was some great content and that’s just what I did. I hope you agree with the great content part!

I love Edinburgh and think that Kilts and the history of them are wonderful so to come across this domain was a delight for me.

I hope you agree with me on the love for Edinburgh and kilts and I encourage anyone who wants to add to this project to send me an email with some valuable content to add. I would be delighted to get some other peoples articles on the website. Email j@edinburghkiltcompany.co.uk

The website is purely informative and it will grow with age. If you have any suggestions or inputs please do not hesitate to content me and I will consider the inclusion of your ideas.

So what type of information do we supply I hear you ask? Articles both informative and helpful with a direct relevancy to Kilts and there use. The articles are designed for both kilt novices as well as the expert wearer who has had a kilt for the last 40 years!

From all of us at Edinburgh Kilt Company happy reading!