Hiring a kilt can be stressful if you have never done it before, or even if you have! What to expect and when you need to be doing what and its all for the big day so its needs to be spot on. Well not to worry, I am going to help.

What happens when you want to hire a kilt?

  • You find a local shop
  • You speak with them
  • You find something you like
  • You arrange a fitting
  • You set a date
  • You pay a deposit
  • You collect and pay the balance
  • You return once finished
  • Some companies hold a deposit that get on return of the kilt

Some of these bullets points get switched around a wee bit from company to company but this is what to expect.

How long prior to the event do you need to leave to get you kilt in time? The longer you give it the less chance of things going wrong. Think about it;

  • The shop has to have the Kilt you want available on the day you want it
  • They need to get in the correct size if they don’t have it
  • If you’re getting kilts for a party of people you need to leave even longer

If you need it tomorrow you may be lucky and the shop may have it ready to go, but don’t take your chance as most companies just keep a select amount in store and order the correct size and design as and when needed from the main warehouse.

Do I hire everything or just parts of it? It’s up to you, what I generally do is hire;

  • Kilt
  • Waistcoat
  • Tie
  • Shoes

Then I purchase everything else. I don’t want to wear someone else’s socks or shirt!!

What styles can you hire? More or less any you want, the bigger outlets have more chooses than I ever realised existed. But it is nice to go to a small local company as they pay more attention to detail and make a bit more of a fuss. I like that as I don’t get one often, so when I do I like it to feel special.

Rules of thumb when hiring a kilt in Edinburgh or anywhere in Scotland for that matter;

  • Make sure you don’t damage it or it will cost you
  • If you are hiring for a party make sure you can trust them not to damage anything and if they do you can trust them to pay for it
  • Get a local company as you may have to visit them a few times
  • Compare prices and there can be a big difference from one place to the next
  • Think about buying if you are going to use one regularly

I hope this helps you get ready for your occasion. Enjoy!

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