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What does Tartan mean, what is available and how to decide on the perfect tartan for you. Some useful information to help get your kilt sorted!

There are 1000’s of tartans to chose from and depending on fashion depends which one’s are most popular but this small list covers some of the generic tartans as well as some of the most popular;

  • Black Watch
  • The Black Watch
  • The Hunting Stewart
  • Scotland’s National
  • The Spirit of Scotland
  • The Caledonia
  • The Jacobite
  • The Flower of Scotland
  • Royal Stewart
  • Dress Gordon
  • Lindsay

Define Tartan: “Any of numerous textile patterns consisting of stripes of varying widths and colours crossed at right angles against a solid background, each forming a distinctive design worn by the members of a Scottish clan.” thefreedictionary.com

Tartan cloth has been used for many many years in Scotland for Kilt for different occasions. The designs and styles have changed over the years and now there are literally thousands to choose from.

How do you chose? Some say you should use your family tartan but if you are not Scottish them you could use a generic one like the spirit of Scotland. Some choose by colour or fashion, it really depends on you and the occasion.

If you want to trace back you family you can use genealogy to search for your family / clan tartan. This is not only meaningful to you but can also unearth some great facts about your family. You can then have a kilt that means more to you than any fashion kilt could. If it is your first Kilt it can also add to the experience, finding long lost connections and finding the appropriate tartan can really make this a fantastic experience for you.

What colours do Tartan come it? Any is the true answer; from yellow to blue, red, green, black and everything else you can imagine. They are all available in many patterns and mixtures of colours.

Think outside the box and find yourself something unique to only a handful of people!